London Blue Topaz 7mm Faceted Rondelles

London Blue Topaz 7mm Faceted Rondelles Bead Strand

Elevate your jewelry designs with the sophisticated allure of our London Blue Topaz 7-8mm Faceted Rondelle Beads. Each bead in this exquisite strand is a testament to luxury, showcasing the deep and enigmatic hues of London Blue Topaz. These faceted rondelle beads, sized between 7-8mm, are expertly cut to maximize their stunning depth of color and brilliant sparkle. The rich, velvety blue tones of the topaz create an air of elegance and refinement, making them perfect for high-end jewelry creations. Ideal for crafting statement necklaces, luxurious bracelets, or sophisticated earrings, these beads add a touch of regal sophistication to any piece. The London Blue Topaz, known for its durability and captivating color, is not just aesthetically pleasing but also symbolizes clarity and honesty, adding a deeper meaning to your designs. For jewelers and designers who seek to blend exceptional quality with timeless beauty, our London Blue Topaz Faceted Rondelle Beads are an impeccable choice, ensuring your creations captivate with their exquisite charm and distinguished presence.


Gemstone: London Blue Topaz

Shape: Faceted Rondelles

Size: 7mm - 8mm

Strand Length: 8"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 1mm

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