Pink Rhodochrosite 3mm Faceted Rounds

Pink Rhodochrosite 3mm Faceted Rounds Bead Strand

Immerse your designs in the gentle warmth of our Pink Rhodochrosite 3mm Faceted Round Beads, a must-have for any jewelry designer or retailer looking to infuse their collections with a touch of natural elegance and heartfelt warmth. Each bead on this exquisite strand features the soft, captivating hues of pink that rhodochrosite is celebrated for, ranging from delicate pastels to deeper, more intense shades of rosy pink. Carefully faceted to enhance their natural beauty, these 3mm rounds sparkle with an understated yet undeniable allure, perfect for creating jewelry that speaks of love, compassion, and a deep connection to the heart. Ideal for crafting everything from sophisticated necklaces and bracelets to dainty earrings, these beads offer unparalleled versatility and charm. Rhodochrosite, with its associations of healing and self-love, not only brings aesthetic appeal to your creations but also imbues them with meaningful symbolism. For designers and stores aiming to offer pieces that blend the beauty of the natural world with profound emotional resonance, our Pink Rhodochrosite Faceted Round Beads promise to elevate your offerings, ensuring each piece is as meaningful as it is beautiful.


Gemstone: Pink Rhodochrosite

Shape: Faceted Rounds

Size: 3mm - 3.3mm

Strand Length: 13"

Pieces per Strand: ~120

Drill Hole: 0.50mm

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