Yellow Citrine 13mm Faceted Heart Shaped Briolettes

Yellow Citrine 13mm - 16mm Faceted Heart Shaped Briolettes Bead Strand

Illuminate your jewelry designs with the radiant warmth of our Citrine 13-16mm Faceted Heart Shaped Briolette Beads, a luxurious choice for designers and boutiques aiming to captivate their clientele. Each strand of this exquisite collection features heart-shaped citrine briolettes, lovingly faceted to showcase the gemstone's natural, sun-kissed hues. Ranging in size from 13mm to 16mm, these beads are substantial enough to be the focal point of any piece, yet elegantly crafted to maintain a delicate and sophisticated appearance. The unique faceting enhances the citrine's inherent sparkle, reflecting light in a way that emphasizes its golden yellow tones, reminiscent of a sunbeam. Perfect for creating statement necklaces, romantic bracelets, or enchanting earrings, these beads add a touch of luxury and heartfelt charm. Citrine, known for its properties of joy and abundance, not only brings a visual appeal but also infuses your creations with positive energy. For those seeking to offer exquisite, high-quality jewelry with a story, our Citrine Faceted Heart Shaped Briolette Beads are an unrivaled choice, promising to enchant with their luminous beauty and artisanal elegance.


Gemstone: Yellow Citrine

Shape: Faceted Heart Shaped Briolettes

Size: 13mm - 16mm

Strand Length: 8"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.40mm

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