Navy Blue Sapphire 2mm Faceted Rondelles

Navy Blue Sapphire 2mm - 4mm Hand Faceted Rondelles Bead Strand

Elevate your jewelry designs with the sophisticated elegance of our Navy Blue Sapphire Hand Faceted Rondelle Beads, available in sizes ranging from 2mm to 4mm. Each bead in this exquisite strand is a testament to craftsmanship, carefully hand-faceted to enhance the sapphire's natural brilliance and depth. The deep navy blue hue of these sapphires exudes a regal and timeless charm, perfect for creating luxurious jewelry pieces that captivate and allure. The variation in bead size offers a dynamic and versatile design element, allowing for creative flexibility in crafting everything from delicate, understated pieces to bold, statement-making creations. Navy Blue Sapphires are not only celebrated for their stunning appearance but are also revered for symbolizing wisdom and nobility, adding an element of depth and significance to your designs. Ideal for high-end jewelry designers and upscale boutiques, our Navy Blue Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Bead Strand is the epitome of elegance and quality, promising to enrich your collections with a touch of sophistication and unmatched beauty.


Gemstone: Navy Blue Sapphire

Shape: Faceted Rondelles

Size: 2mm - 2.5mm

Strand Length: 16"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.35mm

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