Ombre Red and Pink Ruby 3.5mm Faceted Rondelles

Ombre Red and Pink Ruby 3.5mm - 4.5mm Hand Faceted Rondelles Bead Strand

Elevate your jewelry designs with the exquisite allure of our Ombre Ruby Faceted Rondelle Beads, sized from 3.5mm to 4.5mm. This magnificent strand features a mesmerizing ombre transition, showcasing rubies in a spectrum of shades from delicate pinks to deep, romantic reds. Each rondelle is expertly faceted, ensuring a captivating sparkle that brings out the rich and varied tones of the rubies. These beads are perfect for creating luxurious, eye-catching jewelry pieces that demand attention. The gradual shift in color offers a unique and sophisticated aesthetic, ideal for crafting statement necklaces, elegant bracelets, or stunning earrings. Rubies are not only known for their breathtaking beauty but also for symbolizing passion, courage, and emotion, adding a deeper meaning to your designs. For jewelers and designers aiming to offer their customers something truly special, our Ombre Ruby Faceted Rondelle Beads are a perfect choice, blending exceptional quality with an irresistible charm that's sure to enchant and captivate.


Gemstone: Ombre Red and Pink Ruby

Shape: Faceted Rondelles

Size: 3.5mm - 4.0mm

Strand Length: 16"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.40mm

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