Watermelon Tourmaline 7x5mm Smooth Nuggets

Watermelon Tourmaline 7x5mm - 14x10mm Smooth Nuggets Strand Bead Necklace

Experience the natural allure of our Bi-Color Watermelon Tourmaline Smooth Nuggets Strand Bead Necklace, a masterpiece in gemstone jewelry. This exquisite necklace features a range of carefully selected Watermelon Tourmaline nuggets, each measuring from 7x5mm to 14x10mm, smoothly polished to showcase their unique bi-color patterns. The charm of this necklace lies in its playful yet sophisticated array of colors, resembling the refreshing tones of a watermelon, with shades transitioning from rich greens to vibrant pinks. Each nugget is strung together in a harmonious sequence, creating a mesmerizing flow that captivates and enchants. Ideal for high-end jewelry designers and stores, this necklace stands out as a statement piece, perfect for adding an elegant yet bold touch to any collection. Watermelon Tourmaline is celebrated not just for its stunning appearance but also for its association with balance and harmony, making this necklace not only a visual delight but also a piece with deeper emotional resonance. For those seeking to offer exclusive, premium quality jewelry that combines natural beauty with artistic design, our Bi-Color Watermelon Tourmaline Smooth Nugget Strand Bead Necklace is a quintessential choice, promising to captivate your clientele with its unique elegance and exquisite craftsmanship.


Gemstone: Watermelon Tourmaline

Shape: Smooth Nuggets

Size: 7x5mm - 8x6mm

Strand Length: 21"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole:

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