Blue Labradorite 6mm Faceted Tires

Blue Labradorite 6mm - 8mm Faceted Tires Faceted Tires Bead Strand

Elevate your jewelry designs with the mystical allure of our Blue Labradorite 6mm - 8mm Faceted Tires Bead Strand. Each bead is precision-cut into a tire-like faceted shape, enhancing the natural labradorescence that Labradorite is famed for. This mesmerizing effect displays an iridescent play of blues and greens, which seems to shift and dance with the light. Sized from 6mm to 8mm, these beads are perfect for statement pieces or adding a touch of intrigue to more subtle designs. Blue Labradorite is celebrated not just for its captivating appearance but also for its reputed metaphysical properties, including enhancing intuition and protecting against negativity. Ideal for designers looking to create jewelry with both visual impact and emotional depth, this strand of Blue Labradorite offers unparalleled beauty and versatility, ensuring each piece is truly unique.


Gemstone: Blue Labradorite

Shape: Faceted Tires

Size: 6mm - 8mm

Strand Length: 16"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.40mm

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