Blue Rainbow Moonstone 4mm Smooth Rounds

Blue Rainbow Moonstone 4mm Smooth Rounds Bead Strand

Elevate your jewelry designs with the ethereal beauty of our Blue Rainbow Moonstone 4mm Smooth Round Beads. Each bead in this strand is carefully selected to ensure a high-quality finish and a captivating play of light, characteristic of the finest moonstone. With their smooth surface, these 4mm beads showcase a subtle iridescence, revealing flashes of blue that shimmer across their milky white base. Perfect for creating pieces that resonate with tranquility and mystery, these moonstone beads are ideal for both contemporary and classic designs, from sleek bracelets to sophisticated necklaces and enchanting earrings. Known for its association with balance, harmony, and hope, blue rainbow moonstone adds a layer of meaning to your creations, making this bead strand a sought-after item for designers aiming to blend aesthetic appeal with spiritual significance.


Gemstone: Blue Rainbow Moonstone

Shape: Smooth Rounds

Size: 4mm - 4.5mm

Strand Length: 15"

Pieces per Strand: ~95

Drill Hole: 1mm

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