Blue Tanzanite 3.5mm Faceted Rondelles

Blue Tanzanite 3.5mm Hand Faceted Rondelles Bead Strand

Discover the enchanting allure of our 13" Full Bead Strand of Blue Tanzanite Faceted Rondelles. Each bead, meticulously crafted at 3.5mm, showcases the captivating hues of blue tanzanite, a gemstone renowned for its rarity and breathtaking beauty. These faceted rondelles are expertly cut to maximize their brilliance, making them a perfect choice for creating exquisite jewelry pieces. As a trusted gemstone wholesaler, we ensure that every bead in the strand is of the highest quality, promising a stunning display of sparkle and color. Whether you're a jewelry designer or a jewelry store owner, these blue tanzanite faceted rondelles will undoubtedly elevate your creations to new heights of elegance.


Gemstone: Blue Tanzanite

Shape: Faceted Rondelles

Size: 3.5mm - 4.0mm

Strand Length: 13"

Pieces per Strand: ~170

Drill Hole: 0.35mm

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