Green Malachite 3mm Faceted Cubes

Green Malachite 3mm Faceted Cubes Bead Strand

Enhance your jewelry creations with our Green Malachite 3mm Faceted Cube Beads. Each strand features meticulously cut cubes that showcase the vibrant, rich green hues and unique banding patterns of malachite. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty, these beads are ideal for creating sophisticated bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The 3mm size ensures versatility, making them suitable for both intricate designs and statement pieces. As a gemstone associated with protection and transformation, malachite adds not only aesthetic appeal but also a layer of significance to your jewelry. Choose our Green Malachite Faceted Cube Beads for high-quality, visually stunning designs that captivate and inspire.


Gemstone: Green Malachite

Shape: Faceted Cubes

Size: 3mm - 3.5mm

Strand Length: 15"

Pieces per Strand: ~135

Drill Hole: 0.50mm

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