Ombre Green and White Emerald 2.5mm Faceted Rondelles

Ombre Green and White Emerald 2.5mm - 4mm Hand Faceted Rondelles Faceted Rondelles Bead Strand

Elevate your jewelry collection with our Ombre Green and White Emerald 2.5mm - 4mm Hand Faceted Rondelle Bead Strand. This striking strand features a seamless transition from pristine white to deep green emeralds, each bead hand-faceted to enhance its unique color and brilliance. The varying sizes from 2.5mm to 4mm allow for dynamic and versatile jewelry designs, from delicate bracelets to elegant necklaces. These emerald beads are perfect for creating pieces that stand out, offering a blend of classic elegance and contemporary style. The ombre effect adds a modern twist to the traditional emerald, making it a sought-after commodity in high-end jewelry markets. Ideal for designers looking to infuse their creations with a touch of sophistication and a splash of color, this bead strand is not just beautiful but also embodies the essence of luxury and innovation.


Gemstone: Ombre Green and White Emerald

Shape: Faceted Rondelles

Size: 2.5mm - 4mm

Strand Length: 16"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.35mm

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