Pink Opal 3mm Faceted Rounds

Pink Opal 3mm Faceted Rounds Bead Strand

Enhance your jewelry designs with our Pink Opal 3mm Faceted Round Bead Strand. Each bead showcases a soft, blush pink hue, meticulously faceted to reflect light beautifully. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and romance to bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, these 3mm beads are versatile and delicate. Pink Opal, known for its calming and soothing properties, brings both aesthetic charm and emotional balance to your creations. Ideal for jewelry designers and retailers seeking high-quality, unique gemstone beads, our Pink Opal Faceted Rounds are a must-have for creating timeless and elegant pieces.


Gemstone: Pink Opal

Shape: Faceted Rounds

Size: 3mm - 3.5mm

Strand Length: 13"

Pieces per Strand: ~120

Drill Hole: 0.50mm

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