Pink Rose Quartz 9x7mm Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes

Pink Rose Quartz 9x7mm Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes Loose Beads

Elevate your jewelry designs with the gentle allure of our Rose Quartz 9x7mm Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes. These exquisite beads exude a soft, pink luminescence, embodying love and harmony. Each bead is skillfully faceted, enhancing the natural glow of rose quartz with an added dimension of sparkle and elegance. The pear-shaped briolette cut, a symbol of sophistication, allows for light to dance across the surfaces, showcasing the stone's delicate hue and intrinsic beauty. Ideal for creating statement pieces or adding a touch of romantic grace to any design, these beads offer versatility and appeal. Rose quartz, known as the stone of unconditional love, adds not only aesthetic value but also emotional significance to your creations. Perfect for designers looking to craft jewelry that speaks to the heart, our Rose Quartz Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes are a must-have for collections that celebrate the beauty of natural gemstones and the art of design.


Gemstone: Pink Rose Quartz

Shape: Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes

Size: 9x7mm - 10x8mm

Strand Length:

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.40mm

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