Red Garnet 2.5mm Faceted Rounds

Red Garnet 2.5mm Faceted Rounds Bead Strand

Discover the exquisite beauty of our 13" Full Bead Strand of Red Garnet Faceted Rounds. These 2.5mm beads are meticulously crafted to showcase the deep, rich hues of red garnet, a gemstone renowned for its timeless elegance and durability. Ideal for jewelry designers and stores, these garnet beads add a touch of sophistication to any piece, whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Each bead is faceted, reflecting light in a way that enhances the stone's natural color and brilliance. As a trusted gemstone wholesaler, we ensure that every bead strand we supply is of the highest quality, promising your designs a stunning finish every time.


Gemstone: Red Garnet

Shape: Faceted Rounds

Size: 2.5mm - 3.0mm

Strand Length: 13"

Pieces per Strand: ~155

Drill Hole: 0.40mm

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