Yellow Citrine 7x5mm Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes

Yellow Citrine 7x5mm Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes Loose Beads

Illuminate your jewelry collection with the radiant glow of our Yellow Citrine 7x5mm Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes. Each bead is a masterpiece of light and color, precisely cut to enhance the natural brilliance and warm, golden hues of citrine, the gemstone of brightness and joy. These pear-shaped briolettes are ideal for designers and jewelers looking to create luxurious, eye-catching pieces that capture the essence of sunshine. With their 7x5mm size, they offer a versatile base for necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, making them perfect for both statement pieces and delicate accents. Citrine, known for attracting wealth, prosperity, and success, adds not only a stunning visual appeal but also a meaningful depth to your designs. These faceted briolette beads are meticulously selected for quality and uniformity, ensuring your creations will stand out with their unmatched clarity and luster. Dive into the world of elegance with our Yellow Citrine Briolettes, and let your jewelry shine with the unmatched beauty of golden sunlight.


Gemstone: Yellow Citrine

Shape: Faceted Pear Shaped Briolettes

Size: 7x5mm - 8x6mm

Strand Length: 13"

Pieces per Strand: ~

Drill Hole: 0.40mm

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